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“Kingdom Mission” by Peter J Farmer and Stuart Simpson is now available to buy online!


While much has been written about the task of invading the kingdom of darkness to rescue those under Satan’s control and influence (what the authors refer to as Pioneer Mission), the task of occupation and establishing God’s Kingdom in the Earth has been largely overlooked.

Focusing on the 7 Elements of any kingdom, authors Peter Farmer and Stuart Simpson call on every Kingdom Citizen to live out a Kingdom Vision, essential in order to carry out the King’s Commission in the Earth. In doing so, they take the reader through:

  • The reality of Jesus being King and His Kingdom coming to Earth today!
  • What it means to live out the King’s Constitution (both individually and as societies and nations),
  • The Places, Peoples, and Spheres which belong to the Domain of God’s Kingdom,
  • The lost vision of the Church as the King’s governing Ekklesia, representing the King and putting into effect the Kingdom Constitution
  • The necessity for a return to a Kingdom economic system which will release apostolic workers and facilitate new innovations for societal transformation,
  • How the Kingdom expands through new colonies and outposts, and restoring broken cities
  • What it means to live out Kingdom Citizenship?


 The Authors


Peter J Farmer is the founder of Newforms, through which he travels extensively across the British Isles and Europe speaking prophetically, mentoring innovative Inventors and Pioneers and entrepreneurs and providing training for kingdom movements including Pioneer Mission and Simple Missional Communities. He’s the founder of and He is the co-author of Pioneer Mission : The Travel Guide for Missional Adventurers. Peter blogs at

Stuart Simpson is the co-founder of Catalyst Ministries ( and has been with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1995, pioneering with his wife in China, Thailand, Canada and within the UK. He is the author of Empowered! Discovering Your Place in God’ Story. Stuart empowers Kingdom Citizens and churches to engage in the full scope of the Great Commission, including the mandate to disciple nations, and has a particular interest in discipling the Chinese