Here’s what people are saying about Kingdom Mission…

“World transforming movements require more than just church planting and evangelism: In order to transform whole societies, movements need to activate all of God’s people in every sphere and domain in society.  The authors seek to ignite genuinely apostolic movement…bring it on!”

Alan Hirsch, founder of Forge Missional Training Network and director of Future Travelers; author of The Forgotten Ways and The Permanent Revolution

“Careful, High Voltage! This is a token of a new breed of books, written by a new breed of people. Read, buy another 10, and sow it into Kingdom seekers everywhere.”

Wolfgang Simson, author of The Constitution of the Kingdom, and The Re-Invention of the World

“At last there is a comprehensive book out there dealing with the dynamics of the Kingdom of God. This paradigm changing book needs to be read by all, especially those who are engaged or interested in advancing the Kingdom.”

Dr Victor Choudhrie, apostolic church planter and author of Greet the Church in Your House

“I welcome this well-documented, thought-provoking, vision-building, people-empowering, and action-inspiring contribution to the re-shaping of the church in the 21st century such that it can have a similar transformative impact on society now as it had in the first century.”

John Coles, national director, New Wine, UK

“If you have a casual interest in the Kingdom that Jesus came to introduce, this book is not for you. However, if you are serious about understanding the meaning and contemporary implications of what Jesus taught us to pray…“Thy kingdom come….on earth as it is in heaven,” this book is a must read. It is well researched and comprehensive. Though lengthy, it is full of stories and illustrations that make the reader want to read on to find out what’s next. You may not agree with some of the proposals, but they will challenge you to come up with a “better mousetrap.” This book could serve as an excellent text for upper level home-scholars and early college students who are interested in building a strong biblical worldview for how to live in all the spheres of life God has created.”

Dr Bob Moffitt, president, Harvest Foundation & co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance

“Read this book and you will understand you are one of God’s “sent people”, with a destiny to bring God’s Kingdom in everyday life, you can be a catalyst and reformer in the unique circle of influence to which God has called you to live and work.”

Linda Harding, Mobiliser and Mission Mentor, UK

“Stuart and Peter have produced a book which brings a timely focus on the central focus of Jesus’ teaching: God’s Kingdom. That should be ours too. The authors tell us why and how.”

Jeff Fountain, founder of The Schuman Centre for European Studies; chairman of Hope for Europe Round Table; author of Living as People of Hope, and Deeply Rooted